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2nd edition of SITIC AFRICA 2017

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SITIC AFRICA 2017,  in its second edition sets itself up as international Exhibition which serves to raise awareness of the ICT Tunisian offer to all sectors of the Tunisian economy (agriculture, industry and services) as well as being an international platform for partnerships and exchanges in ICT in so far as it will host over three days 3000 ICT Tunisians, Africans and International decision makers. In this context, triangular cooperation Tunisia-Western Countries-Africa is envisaged.

SITIC AFRICA 2017, is an international event dedicated exclusively to Business. Its international dimension is achieved by reserving 30% of the exhibition space for international exhibitors and by promoting the exhibition in the European Union, the United States of America and Asia.

Its African dimension is reached by the invitation of more than a hundred African public and private decision makers presenting them the Tunisian offer and inviting them to a win-win partnership Tunisia-Africa-Western Countries. Its Arab dimension will also be present in this major international event dedicated to ICT through the partnership of SITIC AFRICA 2017 with the Arab Organization of ICT AICTO.

A novelty of size will be introduced as part of this second edition of the Exhibition by creating a banking exhibition area with a professional involvement of the banking sector as a significant user of ICT for its development and for its customers.

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