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Tunisia the new destination for Indian travellers

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''Tunisia the new destination for Indian travellers''


Ancient “afrikya”, whose name became that of the whole African Continent, bears the scars of more than 3000 years of fabulous history that began with the foundation of Carthage  by the Queen Phoenician Queen Didon around the year 814 BC.


Located in the heart of the Mediterranean region, modern Tunisia was chosen as the new destination of the year for Indian travellers by representatives of Indian travels magazines during a press conference hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia in New Delhi on Friday 12 may 2017 with the collaboration of Fabian Media.


During the press conference, Mr Nejmeddine Lakhal, Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia highlighted the surprising diversity that Tunisia offers to travellers thanks to its fascinating history, it’s beautiful beaches, its captivating Sahara desert, and the authentic culture. He almost indicated that Tunisia, with its 3000 years civilisation, remain on of the best destination. He invited Indian travellers to Tunisia to discover it’s richest of culture, tradition, civilisation and heritage as well as Bollywood to use Tunisia’s fascinating sites and locations for shooting Indian movies. 


In brief power presentation on the diversity of the tourism sector in Tunisia, Deputy Chief of mission, Mr Jamel Boujdaria, emphasized that the objective is to have 10.000 Indians visiting Tunisia in 2017.


Addressing to the participants, Ms Vedika Sharma Director of Fabian Media recalled her fascinating visit to Tunisia in November 2016 among a group of twenty Indians travel agencies representatives. Ms Vedika encouraged the participants to discover the splendor of Tunisia and the warm welcome of the Tunisian citizens and contribute to promotion of Tunisia as new destination for Indians travellers. “Explore the untouched beauty of Tunisia and be a witness of its magnetizing beauty”, She said.

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