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Communication and Digital Economy

1 -Bilateral Cooperation 

A large number of MoUs and Agreements in the field of Information and Communication Technologies has been signed between Tunisia and international partners setting guidelines to cooperation, partnership, investment, technology transfer, Human Resource development, Research and Development.. mechanisms.

The Ministry of Communication Technologies has excellent relations with similar institutions in several countries and participates actively to Joint Commissions, Follow-up Commissions as well as to preparing High Commissions and Political Commissions.

2 -Multilateral Cooperation 

During the last few years, Tunisia strengthened efforts to integrate the Knowledge Globalization, tightening ties with regional groups and International Organizations acting in the ICT field link

  1. The United Nations Organization
  2. International Telecommunication Union
  3. Universal Postal Union
  4. European Union
  5. The World Trade Organization
  6. The World Bank
  7. The Arab League
  8. Arab Maghreb Union
  10. Community of Sahel and Sahara States...

3 -Triangular Cooperation 

Tunisia acquired a rich experience in telecommunication, postal services, implementation and management of technological parks.. and has engaged in helping Less Developed Countries reduce the digital divide separating them from the rest of the world. Tunisia has become an ICT Regional Center in the region. 

The favorable geo-strategic position in Africa and the Middle East, combined with expertise and know-how is helping it become a regional Hub bridging the gap between Developed Countries to LDCs, and responding to LDCs specific needs in technology transfer, training, and development
A triangular cooperation has been initiated between Tunisia, the African countries and the European Union, Japan, South Korea and Canada.

4 - Events

In the past few years, Tunisia hosted and co-organized important events in the ICT field:  The Second Phase of the World Summit on Information Technologies, Tunis, (16 to 18 November, 2005).Further information is available on the following websites :

  • www.itu.int/wsis

The meeting of the Arab Ministers of  Communication Technologies, Arab League ARABCOM
2nd Conference on Information Industries, co-organized with The Ministry of industry

5 - Investment opportunities

  • International Cooperation in the ICT field, aims mainly at building win-win situations with the creation of businesses mostly oriented to exportation of services.
  • A number of licenses has been issued to several private ICT companies working in the field of  mobile phones, data services, off shore call centers, e-commerce..
  • 30% of the capital of TUNISIE TELECOM has been privatized and the company is acquiring a strategic partner.

Useful address:

Cité Technologique des Communications Route de Raoued, km 3,5 - 2088 - ARIANA
71 856 193 - 71 857 811 - 71 857 511
71 857 803

Elgazala Technopark

Pôle Elghazala des Technologies de la Communication, 2088 Ariana
71 856 600
71 857 600

High Institute of Technological Studies of Communication of Tunis

Route de Raoued, Km 3.5 – 2083 Cité EL Ghazala Ariana
71 857 000
71 857 555



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