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 Answer from FIPA

Where can I find information before coming to Tunisia ?

On this web site, information is available on Tunisia economic and political environment, investment-related advantages and suggested business opportunities. 
Through FIPA-Tunisia offices network, real partners on whom you can count to get reference material and better prepare your project. 

What are the guaranties for investment protection ?

Investment is protected by numerous agreements established with more than 30 countries. 

Do I need authorization to carryout my business ?

Most business are covered by the Investment Incentives Code. You must determine in which context your type of investment falls. Based on that, you will know whether you need a prior authorization or not. 

What are the various investment aids ?
  In Tunisia you benefit from several fiscal and financial advantages to support your investment effort.
Are there any systems in favor of import or export ?

Yes, fully exporting and offshore companies benefit from several substantial advantages . Parks of Economic Activities also offer privileges ( Zarzis and Bizerta park).

What is the tax system ?
  The Tunisian tax system  is simple. Moreover, Tunisia signed numerous non-double taxation treaties with several countries.
Is it easy to set-up a company in Tunisia?

Everything has been put in place to help you get set-up.
You will benefit from three welcoming services: FIPA-Tunisia, the assistance office in the Ministry and the services offered by the Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation(APII). All procedures are developed in the guide of the foreign investor .

What are the factors' costs of production ?
  For your guidance, we will give you a salary scale in Tunisia. You will see that the salaries are very advantageous given the high level of qualifications. factors' costs (PDF document) are also competitive.
What are the means of transport and communications ?
  There is a well-developed transport system. Infrastructure  is modern and steadily improving



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