Tunisia is the winner of the noble peace prize for 2015-2016
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Knowing Tunisia

- Official Name : Republic of Tunisia
- Capital : Tunis
- Political System: Presidential
- Area: 162 155 km²
- Official Language: Arabic
- Other Common Languages: French, English
- Currency: Dinar (=1000 millimes)
- National Holiday: March 20th
- Local Time: GMT+1
- Main Cities: Tunis, Sfax, Sousse, Bizerte, Kairouan, Gabès
- Religion: Islam

Working hours

A week of five days with the Saturday and Sunday as the official rest day. The Administration and a number of companies in the public sector don’t work on Friday and Saturday afternoon. The financial institutions and some service companies have a 5-day-week. During the summer, (July and August) and the month of Ramadan the companies work for a non-stop single session daily.

Administrative Organization of the country

The country is divided into 24 governorates. The governorate represents the largest administrative unit. Each governorate is subdivided into delegations which in turn are divided into sectors also called "Imada" which represent the smallest administrative unit. On average, there are 8 sectors per delegation.

The country is made up of 264 delegations, which are divided into 2083 sectors. The table below illustrates the administrative division of the country.

Besides, there is another subdivision of the territory representing another partition of the country into municipal and non-municipal areas. These areas are labeled as municipal for town-planning purposes and are not necessarily related to the aforementioned administrative zoning. There are 264 communes (municipal areas) as of 12/31/2012.

The governors, delegates and omdas who are respectively the chief regional authorities at the governorates’, delegations’ and sectors’ level are designated as civil servants. The municipality president and the members of the municipal councils are elected. Municipal elections take place every 5 years.

Basic Definitions

  Governorate : It is the largest administrative division of the national territory under the terms of a decree dated June 21st ,1956 and amended by the law of March 17th 1969.
 Delegation : It is the main division of a governorate territory. It generally bears the name of its headquarters.
 Sector : The sector is the smallest administrative division of the national territory; the head of sector or the Omda represents the main authority. The sector can be urban or rural.
 Commune : It is a well delimited area or territory established as such by a decree under the terms of which it is submitted to the municipal law and is made up of one or more urban sectors.



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