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The tourism sector in Tunisia

Tunisian tourism  is engaging into the 21st century with a number of assets: the geographic proximity to the biggest world tourism market: the European Union; a modern, diversified and particularly competitive infrastructure … not to mention Tunisian professional’ skills and extraordinary adaptation capacity to face changes in the sector. Ib addition to this, professionals are backed by a supporting, organized and inspired administration.

Finally, the main asset of Tunisian tourism is Tunisia’s economic and social stability, equanimity and life quality, making it a safe destination, a “haven of peace” in an ever changing world.

The development of tourism in Tunisia represents an economic opportunity, a choice and also a basic future requirement. A prevailing idea has it that the diversification of tourism in Tunisia must contribute to the sustainability of projects. It must favor the loyalty of possible customers, and the creation of innovative services pertaining to Tourism.

Improvement in the quality of service is reflected in the multiplicity of high standard units, with a total capacity increasing from 15000 beds in 1987 to more than 65000 in 2000, or a four times increase, while the global rooming capacity rate has doubled. The quality of services also improved through the introduction of a new classification system for hotels, the 2000 standards. Efforts spent in terms of hotel training programs also illustrate this policy which will enable Tunisian tourism to better serve conventional customers and attract new types of clients. 

In quantitative terms, the rooming capacity in Tunisia has considerably developed, increasing from 100.000 beds in 1987 to 226.000 beds in 2004 and shall reach 300.000 beds by 2025. 

Tunisia, a three thousand year old country, represents nowadays the first Arab and African destination, and is ranked among the first thirty destinations worldwide.

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Tourist receipts in MDT 2010 2014 2015
January 162.8 212 206.5



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